V1.0.4 is available, Joy-con drift proof, new character and more!

This past Saturday Pad of Time received a new update for Nintendo Switch and Windows, the version 1.0.4: 

  • New playable character, it's unlockable so you will need to beat the game with one character.
  • Story sequences, every character has his own introduction, good ending and bad ending.
  • Collectable Treasures, you need to collect all the treasures to get a good ending
  • More options, change sfx or music volume, read the credits before beating the game 
  • Alejandro's updated tracks, Music is improved on some tracks by Sonucais 
  • Bosses Fights fixes, some issues were fixed and balanced 
  • ?????, You will need to unlock it to know what this feature is! 

 Also, on the Nintendo Switch you will have a Joy-con Drift proof feature! the game will allow you to disable the analogs and let you control it only with the D-PAD


Pad of Time for Windows 1.0.4.zip 71 MB
Nov 01, 2022

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