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The Time is in your hands

Turn your controller into a time machine !

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It's time to play a 2.5D retro-style platformer... WITH A TWIST! Now thanks to the new time machine "Pad of Time" you will explore the past, present and future from each level.

Get ready to face tough bosses and try new ways to play with unique playable characters: the balanced Mark, the fast July and the strong Art.

Characters and story

The main characters are three brothers Mark, July and Art, together they use the Pad of Time to mess up the timeline 

  • Mark, is the geek brother. He created the Pad of Time, his abilities are balanced and is recommended to choose it, if you are a beginner on platformers
  • July, the smart and skilled sister. She is always wearing roller skates and goes fast, if you’re an experienced gamer, this is your character.
  • Art, the oldest brother, he owns a museum, this character is the slowest but jumps really high, If you already beat a level, Art will be useful to replay it and find hidden stuff.

Animated Series 

Do you know that Pad of Time has an animated Series ?  check out Pad of Time Show at Youtube ! 

List of Episodes:


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