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The development  is on hold, if you're interested on bring it back in production let me know in the comments.

Welcome to Pad of Time

Pad of Time is a classic platformer game with unique and fun characters, cartoon 2.5D visuals, unlockable secrets and a new “travel in time” mechanic

This new travel in time mechanic allows you to travel and explore the past, present and future of every level and the player needs to solve “time puzzles” to discover different paths for clearing the level or find hidden treasures.

Just like in good old times, the player will be able to unlock new characters and secret content by beating the game.

Characters and story

The main characters are three brothers Mark, July and Art, together they use the Pad of Time to find items for their museum.

  • Mark, is the geek brother. He created the Pad of Time, his abilities are balanced and is recommended to choose it, if you are a beginner on platformers
  • July, the smart and skilled sister. She is always wearing roller skates and goes fast, if you’re an experienced gamer, this is your character.
  • Art, the oldest brother, he owns the museum and hired his brothers to help him, this character is the slowest but jumps really high, If you already beat a level, Art will be useful to replay it and find hidden stuff.


ActionXbox GamepadKeyboard [not recommended]
Move your characterLeft StickArrow Keys
JumpA buttonS key
AttackX buttonA key
Time travel LBZ key
Rotate the worldRBX key


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Demo for windows 20 MB
Demo for Mac OS 21 MB

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