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Feel stressed ? hit someone with a chair !

Check out the first MarkAnime Studio's console game, El Silla, a silly and short Videogame where YOU HAVE to throw THE CHAIR to everyone.

  Nintendo Wii U - Play El Silla Arcade Edition for Wii U    

Arcade Mode

El Boy needs your help ! have fun with him by bashing enemies heads with a chair . To clear arcade mode you must match the blue line with the red area, if you make a critical hit you'll see an special animation !

ActionCurrent Player
Hit with a chair !Spacebar or Mouse click
Menu navigationArrows or ASDW
Menu selectionEnter key or Mouse click

Versus Mode

Challenge a friend with a Chair Mayhem with different characters and stages. To win at your opponent on this mode you have to charge your character by matching the blue line with the red area. 

ActionLeft PlayerRight Player
ChargeLeft CtrlRight Arrow
Character SelectionDrag a drop with the mouseDrag a drop with the mouse
Menu selectionMouse clickMouse click

Available for your console

El Silla is being update and develop for a wide variety of platforms, versus mode not available yet 

Nintendo Wii U America El Silla for Nintendo Wii U [NTSC-U Region]1$ [Early Player Offer]
Nintendo Wii U Europe & AustraliaEl Silla for Nintendo Wii U [PAL Region]1£  [Early Player Offer]
Nintendo 3DS AmericaCancelled 
Nintendo 3DS Europe & AustraliaCancelled 
Android Banned by google

If you want me to develop it for a certain console, please mention me about that on twitter: @markanime


The Soundtrack of El Silla is being composed by Alex,  Aka Sonucais, he is also a game developer, founder of JOYCOT Entertaiment

Thank you so much for looking at El Silla, please check out more animation & games  of Markanime's wacky world! 

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