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Feel stressed ? hit someone with a chair !

Check out the first MarkAnime's console game, El Silla, a silly and short Videogame where YOU HAVE to throw THE CHAIR to everyone.

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Arcade Mode

El Boy needs your help ! have fun with him by bashing enemies heads with a chair . To clear arcade mode you must match the blue line with the red area, if you make a critical hit you'll see an special animation !

ActionCurrent Player
Hit with a chair !Spacebar or Mouse click
Menu navigationArrows or ASDW
Menu selectionEnter key or Mouse click

Available for your console

El Silla is available for a variety of platforms: Wii U, Switch (as Pad of Time minigame) Browser and PC.

Nintendo Wii U America El Silla for Nintendo Wii U [NTSC-U Region]1$ [Early Player Offer]
Nintendo Wii U Europe & AustraliaEl Silla for Nintendo Wii U [PAL Region]1£ [Early Player Offer]
Nintendo SwitchSecret mini game in Pad of Time
Nintendo 3DS Europe & AustraliaCancelled 
Android Banned by google


The Soundtrack of El Silla is being composed by Alex,  Aka Sonucais, he is also a game developer, founder of JOYCOT Entertaiment

Thank you so much for looking at El Silla, please check out more animation & games of Markanime's wacky world! 

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