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Hi I'm  Sor Bonnie, Today we received a lot of  donations on the temple ! I could pick some money for me, I think I deserve it !  well  that's a sin  maybe I just leave the Temple and don't touch the money, but I want that money . . .  :-(


This decision will go on you ! let me explain how to do it: 

  •  Move me with: A,S,D,W  or Arrows 
  •  Pick coins or Leave the temple 
  • If you pick coins the Saints will hunt you next time 
  • Press the Escape Key to close the game 


This game has been developed in MarkAnime's housed by: 

  • Marco Antonio Palacios Vázquez - Programming and Art
  • Mileida Gabriela Piña Contreras - Audio and SFX 

If you're curious you could see the source code on GitHub:  https://github.com/Markanime/SorThiefy 

Published 26 days ago
AuthorMarkanime Studios
TagsArcade, Cult Classic, Game Jam

Install instructions

Download the zip file "sorthiefy.zip" decompress it, you could use 7zip and Run "game.exe"


sorthiefy.zip 14 MB

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