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Hi I'm  Sor Bonnie, Today we received a lot of  donations on the temple ! I could pick some money for me, I think I deserve it !  well  that's a sin  maybe I just leave the Temple and don't touch the money, but I want that money . . .  :-(


This decision will go on you ! let me explain how to do it: 

  •  Move me with: A,S,D,W  or Arrows 
  •  Pick coins or Leave the temple 
  • If you pick coins the Saints will hunt you next time 
  • Press the Escape Key to close the game 


This game has been developed in MarkAnime's housed by: 

  • Marco Antonio Palacios Vázquez - Programming and Art
  • Mileida Gabriela Piña Contreras - Audio and SFX 

If you're curious you could see the source code on GitHub:  https://github.com/Markanime/SorThiefy 


sorthiefy.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file "sorthiefy.zip" decompress it, you could use 7zip and Run "game.exe"

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