My last gamejam caused me gas

The past July I attended a local gamejam hosted online : Amudev Online Gamejam, the main subject of the jam "we all can float" so first I don't know what to do, no ideas came to me but suddenly  a fart came out of my butt, and gave me an idea: What if I make a racing game of people floating with their farts. 

So I begin the development of the game, you could see all the tweets with screenshots of the development of this little game jam game here

Tweets of the development of Fart & Furious

After three days of self-crunch  and non-stop developing, ladies & gentlemen, Fart & Furious was borned, and it may have a commercial version in a near future, so stay tuned.

When the Gamejam finished all the participants meet up to showcase their games and it was a really joyfull moment, everygame was really entertaining and talk to the Devs is always a pleasure: 

Trying Timelapse Rescue

Timelapse Rescue

Trying Sleeping ... all we float

Sleeping ... all we float

Trying Desolatium by Superlumen

Desolatium by Superlumen

And of course I showed up also a build of my other game El Silla on a phone. 

El Silla Versus mode

El Silla Versus mode

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Aug 06, 2019

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